Homeless Youth Outreach Program

Homeless Youth Coordinator: Sam Harris

Child Link’s Homeless Youth Outreach Program serves over one hundred youths each year.

Many of the youths seeking Child Link’s help are young parents in need of shelter or emergency services. The Homeless Youth Coordinators work to provide resources on an emergency basis, including support from appropriate community resources. Our coordinators often find themselves as a liaison between the youth and his or her property owner in the instance of an eviction notice, or helping the impoverished young adult find temporary housing.

Child Link helps these once orphaned youths achieve success by making referrals for healthcare, employment training, and placement programs, as well as providing them with the means to call on outreach services when needing assistance. These teenagers are often unaware of the outreach services available to them. Child Link ensures these teenagers have a means to secure counseling and foster care assistance when needed.