Mentoring Program

Child Link’s Mentoring Program

The goal of the mentoring program is to link mentors that will provide a positive, personal growth experience to the children and adolescents of Child Link.

We expect our mentors to coach, guide, encourage, listen, have fun and establish a beneficial friendship with their mentee.

The process for selecting a mentor/mentee relationship is simple, yet thorough:

  • Initial screening of candidate to include background/reference checks
  • Attend mandatory mentor training
  • Determine compatibility through case manager meetings
  • Mentor match
  • Mentor/Mentee meet and friendship begins

Mentoring Youth in College:

If you’d still like to mentor, but face-to-face meetings are a challenge due to frequent out of town travel or lack of transportation, then you may want to consider mentoring a youth in college. Many of these young adults would benefit greatly from a telephone conversation at least once a week – or maybe more, depending on your schedule. In this way, they can share their experiences and discuss any problems they might be experiencing at school.

Whichever way you’re able to help, mentoring will be a life-changing experience for you and our children. Please call us today, because you absolutely can make a difference in the life of a child.


Please fill out application and match form and email it to info@childlnk.org 

Mentor Application 

Mentor Match Form