One of Child Link’s primary directives is to secure permanent homes for orphaned and abandoned children (from birth on) through our foster-to-adopt program. Annually, we place ten to fifteen children in foster-to-adopt homes with concurrent planning. We coordinate no fee adoptions to prospective parents following state mandated background checks and home studies. Before commencing adoption proceedings, Child Link works to investigate the child’s status regarding family placement options to ensure there are no unplanned disruptions in the future. Our success rate remains exceptionally high due to our diligence and expertise with fostering and adoption programs.

Child Link’s adoption services are extremely thorough. It is important for us to place our children in safe homes with loving and adoring families. We want to make sure each of our children and youth are placed in the best possible family living situation that enables the proper nourishment to grow and mature. We want to be positive that the willing adoptive family is matched with a child or adolescent who best fits their living environment. Because we deeply care for each and every child in our adoption program, we always strive to provide the best possible services and resources for our adoptive children and families.

At Child Link, the children who come into our care always come first. That’s why we put so much effort into creating and finding the best environment, mentoring and guidance programs, nurturing living arrangements, and healthy family structures for each of our children and youth!

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