Foster Care


One of our primary missions at Child Link is providing foster care services to children in the greater Chicago area, through a contract with Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. We are proud to announce that on our most recent DCFS review, we were ranked Number One in the state for ensuring the children in our care are placed into stable homes with loving families. Our scores are excellent in all areas of DCFS reviews, including child safety, legal support, and court performance.

How do I become a Child Link foster parent?


Our licensing department will work with you to obtain a foster care license for your home and schedule you for the required, free training. After licensing and training are completed (a process that can take 3-6 months), children can be placed in your home. Becoming a foster parent is a rewarding experience, and Child Link is here to support you throughout the process and beyond. Fill out the inquiry form or call us at 312-377-4735 to begin the process. 

Foster Parent Inquiry Form 


Types of Foster Care


Traditional Foster Care

Child Link offers traditional foster care to assist families without relative support. Our foster parents provide safety and support, as they ensure the well-being of clients in our program. When children are removed from their homes due to no fault of their own, Child Link is there to offer unconditional support.

Adolescent Foster Care

The Child Link Adolescent Foster Care Program serves at-risk adolescents, ages 12-21, with conventional adolescent issues and emotional needs. The program was established for DCFS children who have suffered traumatic experiences and have difficulty integrating into a traditional family. Because these children have not had the opportunity to connect with a caring adult and lack positive role models, they often engage in risky behavior. Adolescents in this program receive individualized services that promote stable relationships, protect them from victimization, and assist them in developing and achieving healthier goals. In addition, Child Link provides these youth with the vital support they need to graduate high school, attend college, acquire vocational training, and build positive lasting relationships.

Bilingual Program for Latino Foster Children

Child Link believes that allowing families to participate in a bilingual program is essential to ensuring all children and youth are prepared for success, despite any language barriers.

Child Link strives to provide bilingual services for those children and families who require such needs. A conscious effort is always made to place a Spanish-speaking or bilingual child into a foster home that reflects the child’s communication needs.

As a member of the Latino Consortium, Child Link partners with multiple child welfare agencies to organize resources and support for Latino families in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois.

Home of Relative Foster Care

Child Link encourages Home of Relative Foster care to ensure family ties are maintained through the child’s difficult transition into foster care. It is imperative that children feel supported and have familiarity throughout this transition. Child Link’s goal is to lend continued support and well-being for all clients in the program.