Transitional Living Program

Child Link’s Transitional Living Program has been established with the goal of supplying young adult women, who will soon be aging out of the foster care system, with the skills needed for self-sufficiency and independence. The program provides an understanding of community resources, and how to use those resources and apply them toward life’s everyday challenges. This transitional living methodology also teaches resourcefulness through practical hands-on learning techniques emphasizing the development of educational, vocational, financial, domestic, and personal safety skills.

Child Link views the Transitional Living Program as a successful model for improving the resources for young women in need of support, and equipping them with the necessary social and professional skills to become a productive member within their environment. This program stresses the importance of developing helpful traits for underprivileged young women, so they may thrive and find success in society, no matter what profession or path they decide to pursue. Because this program encompasses numerous characteristics necessary to achieve success, we believe in its ability to help women obtain their goals once they have completed the Child Link youth care system.

Child Link’s Transitional Living Program helps young women accomplish goals, achieve success, become self-sufficient, gain independence, and flourish in any environment throughout their adult lives!