Youth Counseling

As a community, we are frustrated seeing young people suffer the effects of their environment. It is exhausting to see so many falling into the gang trap. Teen deaths, no matter from gang violence or suicide, are always unnecessary. We need to come together to provide youth counselors in the community and avoid the senseless loss of these young lives.

Youth counseling is a service desperately needed in our community. Out of forty-two local organizations, only three have youth counseling services, and only one serves the public. Child Link hopes to provide youth counseling to all those unfortunate teens who seek help.

Child Link institutes clinical consultations to evaluate the adolescents’ physical and psychological makeup to determine their needs. Our licensed professionals work with the youth and their families to formulate a plan to provide them with the treatment required. This may include individual, group, and family therapies, as well as referral linkage for other needed services.

The need for youth counselors is greater today than ever before. Without resources, valuable programs are often unable to benefit those who really need assistance. Please join us in building a comprehensive youth counseling program in the Pilsen, Little Village, and Lawndale areas that will benefit so many of our troubled youths.