Ann and Jim

Ann Marie G. had a great life with her husband Jim, her 11-year-old son, and the family dog. She also knew they wanted to share their happy life. “We have been really blessed, and we wanted to give another child a great life.” Now she has not only achieved her goal, but she has also become somewhat of an expert on transracial adoption with a blog and a website dedicated to the issue!

Ann Marie and her husband had ruled out an international adoption. “We knew from Child Link that there are many children right here that need a home,” she says. “We did not want to upset birth order, [and] did not care about gender or race.”

She and her husband made the commitment to receive the required training. They took classes on different days so they would not need childcare for their son, but they also benefited from learning from others in their different courses. After their training was complete, they still did not know if a call would come, and so they took the situation one day as a time as they waited. “Then it happened fast and it was so exciting!” They got “the call” about a baby girl.

Today, Ann Marie is mother to a three-year-old daughter, and has learned how both wonderful and challenging it is as white parents of an African-American child. Ann Marie feels it is important for her daughter to have personal relationships with African-Americans.

“You can’t just read Maya Angelou,” she says jokingly. “We’re lucky to have resources and to live near a rich urban center.”