Leo and Chris

Leonardo L. and his partner Christopher H. were prepared for a long wait to adopt a child, but they were in for a surprise. “I finished the training classes,” explains Leo, “and we got the call almost right away.” Illinois law requires kids from Spanish speaking families be placed with foster parents who speak Spanish. Leo and Christopher met these criteria, and they have enjoyed raising a bilingual child. Their foster son was born to drug addicted parents. When he arrived at the home of Leo and Chris, it was the third location in which he had been placed during his short three months of life. His name is Angel, and he is now a lively, happy preschooler who makes his presence felt in the home in a big way.

“My world is brighter thanks to our son,” Leo says proudly. “We love the swings, and toys, and all of the kid stuff…. It is not always easy, but being a parent has changed my life in a wonderful way.”

Leo and his partner are currently in the process of adopting Angel. Child Link has made it possible for their family dreams to become a reality.