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2021 Annual Report For Illinois Licensed Adoption Agencies

2020 Annual Report For Illinois Licensed Adoption Agencies (pdf)

2015 Annual Report for Illinois Licensed Adoption Agencies (pdf)

In the past year, Child Link has connected many children with stable and loving families.

The youth adoption process begins after the rights of the birth parents are terminated in a court proceeding. Case management staff works concurrently with the foster parents before the termination is finalized to ensure they are capable of providing a loving environment and long-term home for the minor. The child must be in the care of a foster family for at least six months before the case manager can make a referral for adoption.

After the referral is received by our Permanency Specialist, the family identifies an adoption attorney, at no cost. The timeline for an adoption varies; however, an ideal adoption is completed within twelve months of the termination hearing, or twenty-four months from the time of the child’s initial foster care placement.