Adolescent Foster Care

Supervisor of Burgos Protected Foster Care: Danielle McQuay
Case Manager: Khoulood Abad
Case Manager: Samantha Blandon

Child Link serves youths between the ages of twelve and twenty-one in its Adolescent Foster Care. The youths in this foster support program often come into our care with a high level of need for our child counseling services. Our Adolescent Foster Care program allows our caseworkers to match themselves with an experienced parent who has more training and understanding of the needs of our deprived children.

 Our case managers work hard to maintain the highest level of services possible to be administered to those in our care. Case managers work to gain the trust and confidence of their teens by becoming a supportive and encouraging presence in the lives of those teenagers.

 Case managers and supervisors encourage all of our youths to graduate from high school and move on to college when they reach the age of eighteen or nineteen. At this point, these young adults are transitioned to “Youth-in-College,” where they are provided support while attending school. Many teenagers who are transitioned to Youth-in-College maintain close contact with their caseworker, and rely on that individual for support on a regular basis because of the bond that has been formed between mentor and youth.

 If a young adult is not transitioned to Youth-in-College, they are often emancipated at the age of twenty-one. Child Link strives to prepare these teens by helping them secure employment, build a savings for rent and other necessities, as well as assist them with finding housing and ensuring the location offers a safe environment.