Burgos Protected Foster Care

Child Link’s Burgos Foster Care Program was founded based on the Burgos Consent Decree. The consent decree requires that, on the request of Spanish speaking birth parents, children be placed in a home where they will maintain their Spanish language skills.

 Under this decree, Spanish-speaking biological parents may have the right:

  • To have a bilingual social services caseworker in charge of their adoption case;
  • To receive Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) documents and correspondence in Spanish;
  • To receive care program services for their family, children, and themselves in Spanish;
  • To have their child placed with a Spanish-speaking, bilingual foster family; or
  • To have access to a Spanish-to-English Translator

 Child Link’s Burgos Program is supported by several bilingual supervisors, case managers, and licensing specialists who perform the above services for our foster care children on a daily basis. Here at Child Link, we believe that allowing families to participate in all aspects of the foster care program is essential to ensuring all children and youth are prepared for success despite any language barriers.