Success Stories

Recent Child Link Graduates!

Tiffany J.
Tiffany is interested in helping children and families involved with the Department of Children and Family Services. She has decided to attend Northern Illinois University to pursue her interest in social work.
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Adoption Stories

Ann Marie G. had a great life with her husband Jim, her 11-year-old son, and the family dog. She also knew that they wanted to share that life. “We have been really blessed, and we wanted to give another child a great life.” Today, she has not only achieved her goal, but she has become somewhat of an expert on transracial adoption, with a blog and a website dedicated to the issue!
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Foster Care Profile

Kelly F. was at a critical point in her life. She and her husband really love and enjoy their three kids. Her youngest child had entered school, and the couple realized she could work outside the home, or make the home her work. “We did not feel right about competing with families with no children who were desperate to adopt,” she says, but she knew that Child Link could help. Thanks to Child Link, Kelly and her family are waiting to welcome a foster child into their world.
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