Foster Care Profile

By Sylvia Ewing

Kelly F. was at a critical point in her life. She and her husband really love and enjoy their three kids. Her youngest child had entered school, and the couple realized she could work outside the home, or make the home her work. “We did not feel right about competing with families with no children who were desperate to adopt,” she says, but she knew that Child Link could help. Thanks to Child Link, Kelly and her family are waiting to welcome a foster child into their world.

For Kelly, the hours of training from DCFS were extensive, but worth the effort for the chance to share their lives with others. “It is intimidating and at times a little scary to know you’ll be taking on someone else’s child, but I think it is rewarding, too.” It is all unknown as you we wait to hear about a placement, Kelly told Child Link, but it keeps her going to know they can offer something to another family. “We can help as foster parents, while the birth parents get their lives together, or we can get lucky enough to adopt…. We would like to adopt or foster now, and then later in life when our kids grow up, become foster parents again.” Kelly says her Child Link counselors are great—they help balance what is right for her family, while keeping options open. “The goal,” she adds, “is finding the right fit.”