Tiffany J.

Tiffany is interested in helping children and families who are involved with the Department of Children and Family Services. She has decided to attend Northern Illinois University to pursue her interest in social work.

Christina C.
Christina successfully obtained her GED in March of 2011. She is currently attending Kennedy King College and is studying to become a social worker.

Shannon L.
Shannon successfully graduated in June 2011 from the Echo Platoon of Cook County Boot Camp. This vocational program offers eligible participants a computer recycling class through Vet. partnership with the West Side Technical Institute. A job readiness program is also taught to participants to prepare them for employment after graduation.

Edwin L.
Edwin graduated from Beacon Therapeutic School. He is interested in construction and barber school. He plans to attend Cain’s Barber College in Chicago. Edwin is hoping to be accepted into a Transitional Living Program and is excited to begin interviewing for employment.

Isaiah C.
Isaiah received his diploma from Harper High School and is interested in becoming a barber. He plans to attend Cain’s Barber College to pursue this dream.

Marlene J.
Marlene is a dedicated young woman who hopes to make a difference in the lives of young people involved with the Department of Children and Family Services. Marlene is leaving Child Link’s TLP and heading to Southern Illinois University, where she will study social work. She is active in track and intends to continue this adventure in college.

Mone’t J.
Mone’t is attending Northern Illinois University. Her major is pharmaceutical studies and she has a definite interest in pursuing a pre-med education. She will also take part in NIU’s Dynamic Dance Collaborative.

Derrick F.
Derrick is currently attending Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois. He has decided to study criminal justice and hopes to become a police officer after he finishes his education.

Octavia C.
Octavia Chatman is currently placed at Child Link’s Transitional Living Program. She is dedicated to succeeding in her goals of becoming a nurse. She is attending Harold Washington Community College as a full-time student. Octavia is looking forward to branching off from the Transitional Living Program and launching into Independent Living Program, where she can put her learned skills to use. This young woman is a strong individual who will continue to persevere until her dreams come true.

Betty S.
Betty graduated in January of 2012 from Jane Adams High School and will be studying at Harold Washington College to attain her Early Childhood Development License so she can teach preschool. She will be participating in her graduation ceremony in June.

Lucy O.
Lucy graduated from high school in June of 2012, and is currently attending Wright College and studying Criminal Justice. She has received several scholarships based on her high school academic record.

Tashianna C.
Tashianna graduated in January of 2012, and will be participating in her graduation ceremony in June. She is currently studying at Harold Washington College.